Did you know that your pace has less influence on your chances of succeeding than your direction?

This is a concept I became obsessed with when I first understood it a few years ago

It's the concept of Speed vs. Velocity

Speed is simple: The amount of distance traveled over time

Miles per hour, Kilometers per second, etc.

Velocity is the speed of an object and its direction

Miles per hour North, Kilometers per second East, etc.

These distinctions are important because the choices you make determine if you'll achieve your goal

Speed vs. Velocity (as a concept)

Let's paint an example of Speed:

An ambitious person sets a goal. They want to become a self-made millionaire — Great! They get to "work" on that goal. They launch one side-hustle after another: Crypto, Real Estate, Digital Marketing, Dropshipping. Ten years later, they have nothing to show for it. This entrepreneur is frustrated and confused why they aren't closer — or even attained — their goal.

Now let's do the same for Velocity:

An ambitious person sets a goal: They want to become a self-made millionaire for building personal brands — Great! They get to work on that goal. They launch their website and share their expertise one day after another. They develop a free e-book for those new to personal branding, attend speaking engagements, talk to 100 ideal customers to understand their common pain points, and then launch a service to resolve it. Ten years later, they have everything to show for it. This entrepreneur is proud and satisfied with their journey — oh, and they became a self-made millionaire five years into their journey.

There are an infinite amount of ways to accomplish your goal, but busy-work, shortcuts, detours, etc. prolong attaining your goal

There's only one effective path, and that's straight. You must also understand that progress looks different for each person

For you it might be 1 day at a time, for another person it's 1 week or even 1 month at a time. The whole point is as long as you're moving in the right direction, you will reach your destination irrespective of your speed

Ask yourself: "Am I being productive and moving toward my goal or am I doing things to stay busy?"

The illusion of productivity is an idea I frequent in my articles because it is a trap we fall into when on our journey. Take heed to my warning and be critical when asking yourself that question

You must be able to directly link your actions to your results. Otherwise, it just might be busy work

Now do you see the difference?

Speed is directionless. We've seen these people — hell, right now that might be you. The problem you must resolve is that if you're not closer to your goal, you're stuck in an infinite loop; You're Speed

On the other hand, Velocity requires a direction. It's natural to veer off from time to time, but your overall direction doesn't change. In exchange, it's not a matter of if but a matter of when you'll achieve your goal

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