Thank you for clicking and finding my website. I'm striving to help 1000 people gain mental clarity and personal freedom

I believe we need less information and more simplicity

A clear mind means progress in the right direction. Progress in the right direction means the inevitable achievement of your goals

Therefore, my theory is clarity equals achievement

A bit about myself

I'm fanatical about Psychology. So, I find it no coincidence that I work full-time in marketing and sales. Early in my career, I found myself picking up on cues others couldn't see until I pointed it out. It was then when I realized I must lean into this profession

Also, I'm passionate about Technology, hardware and software, so, one of my first side-hustles was building a marketing agency that developed websites, ran marketing campaigns, and improved product offerings

You'll learn more about me as an individual throughout my articles, but sharing my mission, profession, and passion will establish a baseline for why I began building in public

What can I expect here?

My ethos is to share no-fluff tips, tools, and resources to help improve your personal and professional life and achieve your goals. I desire to write simple and clear articles; Only to introduce nuance when necessary

How I categorize each article:

→ Level One: The most digestible for 80% of people reading.
→ Level Two: Nuanced, dense, but strategic and actionable.
→ Level Three: Require a comprehensive foundation in the Four Sub-Disciplines. Written for 1% of my readers

Do I have to register for an account?

No, you don't but it's free to sign-up. By signing up, you'll get access to my newsletter and unlock Level Two articles.

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