Next time you're outside, play this mental game: Use logic to explain how everything around you works

Do you know the most important part of a tree? Do you know how generators create energy for your home? Do you know why signposts are certain colors and shapes?

In a split second, you'll realized how little we know and how much we take for granted. The premium paid for various products and services is because we don't understand how they work

Starting small

Grow your own tomatoes. Nature is neutral and balanced. It's absolute and perfect. If your tomatoes die, you don't blame the plant, you change its environment

Set up a solar battery system to power your devices. Capturing, converting, and managing our energy to power every day devices is a complex task. The collective knowledge to build and scale of our infrastructure to support millions of people at a time is genius

Study color theory and psychology. There are trillions of dollars earned because of the most visceral parts of human nature: our thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Next time you make a purchase, ask yourself if you needed it or were persuaded to buy it

Businesses spend obscene amounts of money for their financial gain (see the image below)

Jan 2023: Apple filed a patent for an in-ear device capable of detecting electrical signals from the brain (read here)

I have a love-hate relationship with Technology. I'm fond of its sheer progress but fear those who don't experience — or never have — life outside of the screen won't realize we're not earning to keep our happiness.

It's borrowed; It's a proxy

It's the hours of screen-time spent watching high-retention 60-sec videos for entertainment to keep our dopamine levels higher than cocaine

I keep asking myself, in this microwave experience, what are we not developing and avoiding in the process?

Do you agree with the statement below:

A home-cooked meal is better than a fast-food meal

Is it social skills? Is it the ability to self-manage? Is it survival?

This microwave experience is the slipperiest slope to things worse than depression and non-aliving

Becoming a zombie

They don't live in reality. They don't have consciousness. They're dependent on their next meal

Finding purpose

Do you play sports? Do you lean into your passion? Do you work hard for the sake of working hard?

Fulfillment feels like achieving a goal you set in any of these realms

Scoring a point for your team, making your first dollar, or finishing that task, it's the moment right after

Fulfillment comes from your internal world, not from what another person says you should aim for

When you're immersed in reality, that becomes the foundation you build on. You can't build on top of a sinkhole. It must be grounded in your experiences

Do not outsource your experience to anybody or anything

The euphoria you get from earning things on your own is akin to low-calorie, high-nutrient dense food.

You'll be satiated. You'll need less refills. You'll live longer

You'll be alive
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